Hospital not target of tear-gas

The police say the tear-gas fired on a group of protestors in Badulla today was not targeted at the Badulla hospital.

A tear-gas canister had fallen inside the hospital premises at the time the police fired tear-gas on the protesters to disperse them.

The police media unit said that an investigation has been launched into the canister falling into the hospital premises where patients were also present.

“The tear-gas was not meant to target the hospital, the doctors or the hospital staff,” the police media unit said.

Hospital staff were among those who protested outside the Badulla hospital today over an accident which had occurred yesterday where a lorry had collided with a man who was supplying oxygen cylinders to the hospital.

The man succumbed to his injuries and the lorry was removed from the site of the accident by the police which resulted in the protest today.

The police said that the lorry was removed following information that there was an attempt to set fire to the vehicle.

Stones were pelted towards the police during the protest today injuring a senior police officer. The police then fired tear-gas to disperse the crowd.