Germany briefed on LLRC Action plan

Germany has been briefed on the National Action Plan, which has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers to implement the LLRC recommendations.

A copy of the National Action Plan for the protection and promotion of human rights was also handed over to the State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Harald Braun.

The copy was given during a meeting between Ambassador Sarrath Kongahage and Dr. Harald Braun, the External Affairs Ministry said today.

During the meeting, the Ambassador briefed Dr. Braun on the current developments in Sri Lanka regarding the reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation process during the post-conflict period in the country.

The State Secretary appreciated the accomplishments with regard to the rehabilitation and resettlement programme in the Northern and Eastern provinces and the post–conflict economic development drive in the country.

The State Secretary further expressed satisfaction about the remarkable achievement in clearing the land mines, which paved the way for rapid resettlement, the External Affairs Ministry said.

The State Secretary stated that Sri Lanka and Germany possess unexplored potentials, and as the situation is conducive in Sri Lanka, both countries could focus on further investment, trade and tourism in the near future.