Sri Lanka facing an economic war

Sri Lanka is facing an economic war launched by some groups three years after the war with the LTTE came to an end, External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris said today.

Speaking at a Defence seminar in Colombo the Minister said that these groups are trying to persuade tourists to boycott Sri Lanka and in the end strike at the root of Sri Lanka’s economy.

He also expressed regret at attempts to internationalize the situation in Sri Lanka and push for a foreign solution on the country.

Peiris stressed that only a domestic solution will suite Sri Lanka and that solution will be reached through a parliament process.

He also stressed that the government will not fully withdraw the armed forces from the north despite immense pressure to do so.

The External Affairs Minister said that the government will only reduce the military presence in the north but maintain some troops like in other parts of the country for security purposes.

He also said that the remaining war displaced people will be resettled by the middle of this month.

The External Affairs Minister noted that there was misinformed criticism about the army and its relationship with the government.

He also stressed that the role of the army during the war was to release civilians being held by the LTTE.