Gota tells troops to remain vigilant

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has urged the security forces to remain vigilant of groups both within and outside the country who may attempt to destabilize the peace.

He said that even though the 30 year long war has ended, it is the primary duty of all military personnel to ensure the continued security and stability of the country.

“We know that there are remnants of the LTTE still operating outside Sri Lanka, and there are others even within Sri Lanka who may try to destabilise the peace. It is very important that we remain vigilant about such threats. We must ensure that peace and stability continues, enabling us to build a better future for all Sri Lankans,” Rajapaksa said.

He also said that with the end of the war, the responsibilities that will be vested with the Armed Services may go beyond what is customary.

“ Not long after the war, His Excellency the President appointed some of the Flag Rank Officers who were at the war front as Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors in different countries around the world. Many Officers were also posted as Defence Attach,s to important embassies. In these various capacities, they have all brought a great deal of credit to their respective Forces, and have done a great service to their country. Similarly, there are other fields in which Service personnel have had the opportunity to display their dedication, adaptability and professionalism in serving the country,” he said.

He noted that the entire management of the newly built Mahinda Rajapaksa Nelum Pokuna Performing Arts Theatre comprises officers from the three Services.

“Though some sections of the arts and entertainment community had doubts about the ability of military personnel to undertake such work, even those who were critical are commending the exemplary work done by those officers today,” he said.