LTTE remains on U.S terror list

The LTTE will remain listed as a foreign terrorist organization, according to the annual U.S State Department country report on terrorism for 2011 released yesterday.

The report said that although the LTTE was militarily defeated in 2009 its financial network of support continued to operate throughout 2011.

The Government of Sri Lanka remained concerned that the LTTE’s international network of financial support still functions; most counterterrorism activities undertaken by the government targetted possible LTTE finances, the report said.

It said that the the possible resurgence of domestic militant Tamil groups is not an immediate concern, but efforts were underway to address possible growing Tamil radicalism in the north and east.

The Sri Lankan government has used the fear of the possible re-emergence of the LTTE to maintain a strong military presence and role in the post-conflict areas, although the military’s continued heavy presence in the north feeds Tamil resentment, the report added.

In 2010, some LTTE members reportedly fled Sri Lanka and have since attempted to reorganize in India.

In June 2010, assailants claiming LTTE membership may have been responsible for an attack against a railway in Tamil Nadu, India. No one was injured when the targeted train was able to stop in time to prevent derailment.

In March 2010, German police arrested six Tamil migrants living in Germany for supposedly using blackmail and extortion to raise funds for the LTTE.