An ‘evolution’ of music

“Evolution” a mixed choir consisting of 27 choristers from the Western Department of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts Directed by Natalie Gooneratne will go on stage on Friday August 3rd for their maiden concert.

Representing all parts of  Sri Lanka, each of these 27 singers with a heavy eastern background joined the University to pursue a degree in the Western art form of singing, And after four challenging years of  training and hard work, “Evolution” was formed… bringing together something electric which the music world hasn’t seen before.

Already within a year of its formation the choir has performed in many a prestigious event right after receiving the 1st runner up title in the all Island Choir Competition organized by the Institute of western Music speech and Drama held at the BMICH.

“Evolution” stands for a new beginning..their motto being … “we believe in breaking boundaries set by people, we believe in everyone without any discrimination and mostly…we believe that change is possible through music. The path may be tough …but we still forge ahead relentlessly spreading the message of peace and unity through song”

Evolution will be having their maiden concert on the 3rd of August 2012 at Lionel Wendt. Tickets available at Lionel Wendt.  For Ticket reservations call 0717000719