SLC bans portable horns from matches

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided to ban portable horns and hooters from cricket match venues.

The ban comes just a day after popular television commentator Tony Greg was seen on TV, just before the start of 3rd one day international between India and Sri Lanka in Colombo, saying such items should be banned from match venues.

A statement by the cricket board said that the ban on portable horns and hooters used by spectators to cheer the teams during a match will come into effect immediately.

Sri Lanka Cricket said it arrived at this decision to generally safeguard spectator comfort inside spectator areas of the stadium.

SLC said the ban does not mean that the papare bands are banned.

“These are individual horns brought in by the spectators. We will be implementing this rule on Tuesday,” SLC said.

The general public have been advised that security personnel will search for the items when a spectator is entering a venue for a match.