Over 270 jaywalkers taken to court

The police filed cases against 274 jaywalkers who had violated pedestrian crossing laws in Colombo this morning, the police media unit said.

According to the police laws pertaining to pedestrian crossing was strictly implemented today and court cases filed against those violating the laws.

The police said that some road accidents in Colombo and other main towns have been attributed to people crossing at every nook and corner instead of using pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian crossings including those with electronic signals as well as overhead and underground pedestrian crossings have been installed at several locations in Colombo.

However the police say most people ignore the pedestrian crossings when crossing the street and as a result it has been decided to strictly implement the laws with effect from today.

The police said that between January and June this year 1866 jaywalkers were taken to court of which 1107 were in Colombo.

A fine of between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3500 will be charged from those found guilty of violating pedestrian laws, the police said.

However the police said that the fine will not be a spot fine and so those violating the laws must appear in court.