Lawyers in the north issue ultimatum

Lawyers in the north today issued an ultimatum saying they will continue to boycott court proceedings until Minister Rishard Baduhudeen is arrested over the alleged threat on the Mannar Magistrate last week.

Several lawyers from the entire Northern Province staged a protest in Mannar today and later announced that they will boycott courts till Friday.

The lawyers demanded that the police arrest the Minister as well as those who had attacked the Mannar court premises during a protest last week.

The lawyers said that if the Minister is not arrested by Friday they will continue to boycott court proceedings.

Meanwhile in Colombo, lawyers said they will file a case against Minister Rishard Baduhudeen tomorrow over the threat on the Mannar judge.

The Mannar judge was threatened last week during a protest by Muslim fishermen against Tamil fishermen who are occupying the Mannar fisheries market.