Alternative Sunday is back with round six

Five rounds down, how many more to go you ask?…I suppose as long as there’s musicians and artists wanting to do what they were born to do, there ain’t no stopping them!

Alternative Sunday round 6 is all set to take place on Sunday 29th of July and the organizers say so far it’s been a crazy ride thanks to the amazing team who are beyond dedicated to making things, what they are today.

“It’s been a great experience, being a part of Alternative Sundays from gig one, The show that started off with a few bands and a small crowd, has now emerged into one huge event all together. Being an Audio Engineer and a drummer by profession whilst specializing as an F.O.H and fold back engineer for the last 15 years,  the experience I’ve gained during the last 5 rounds of the series is something that I’ve never had any place else as its always been one of continuous growth; It always feels so good to see young talent from home being given the freedom and upliftment to perform and express!, it’s a privilege to work with so many outstanding bands and acts who dabble in various genres such as Pop, Rock, Dubstep, Metal,  R&B and Rock N Roll; Kudos to the organizers (Anil Balasuriya and Yazmin Yousuf) for encouraging the talent of the land with possibly the best platform, that is Alternative Sundays,” said Ruban Balakrishnan, official sound engineer for Alternative Sunday.

Round 06 of Alternative Sunday takes place on the 29th of July and man are we stoked about the variety of genres.


Asela Perera

Niamh Evans

From The Old Skool

Prazanna (Ex Cancer) And Friends

Semi Acoustic

Birey and Riyal of Helter Skelter Ft Maria

Reggae/ Hip Hop

Ras Ceylon


Dawn Jay

Improvised Electronica

Mixmaster Blong J.C

Loud N Heavy




Now that you know what’s goin down, just troop down to everyone’s favorite hangout – FUZE on the day, gates open at 6.30 but if you feel like you need more info, hunt us down on FB or Twitter.

For early bird tickets call 0773-897-187 or 0770-518-126

“There was no international band, without a local one”