I listen unlike some others – Army Chief

Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya says unlike some former Army Commanders, he always listens to any soldier who comes to him.

Jayasuriya did not mention who these former army commanders were.

“Unlike some former Commanders, I always listen to everyone who comes to me. I used to listen to their viewpoints and be sensitive to their pulses. I am always approachable,” the army media unit quoted the Commander as telling high ranking army officers.

He noted that there was no severe breach of discipline reported among the troops in the past couple of years, a factor he says the army can be happy and proud of.

“The government is extremely happy on our roles and tasks and we should still work harder and do our utmost to the country and its prosperity. I do not want to say that I did all that, instead it is we who did all those for the sake of the country,” Jayasuriya said.

Separately the Army Commander was quoted as saying that no officer in the Army is expected to take part in politics and that it is bounden duty of the army to protect the government in power.

“All of you should strictly maintain and preserve the regimental identity at all times as credit of all your good work goes to your regiment. In the future, plans are afoot to restructure the Army for national development projects, security and logistics and administration. Under this arrangement, combat units are to be deployed for security alone,” he said.