Lanka to end colonial-era telegram service

Sri Lanka is finalizing plans to end the age-old telegram service citing unprofitability due to e- mail and other forms of communication, a minister said here on Tuesday.

Sri Lanka has been operating a largely unprofitable telegram service for years without seeing profits, Postal Minister Jeevan Kumaratunge told media adding that only an average of 50 telegrams are sent daily.

“As a result we are considering closing that department and transferring around 1, 800 employees to other work in the postal services,” he said.

The postal service, which is state-owned in Sri Lanka made a loss of 3 billion rupees (about 23 million U.S. dollars) last year.

The telegram service has been in use since colonial times and was used by banks as well as the public sector before technology made it obsolete.

Growing popularity of the internet, fax and text messaging has resulted in the telegram service losing customers prompting the government to end the service, said Kumaratunge. (Xinhua-ANI)