Lanka to hold international defence seminar

Foreign experts, including those from India, will participate in an international defence seminar to be held in Sri Lanka next month on the country’s post-conflict reconstruction and resettlement process.

The Army-initiated international seminar titled ‘Towards Lasting Peace and Stability’ will be held from August 8-10.

Reconstruction, resettlement, rehabilitation, reintegration, reconciliation in post-conflict Sri Lanka would figure in the seminar, the Army said.

The three-day seminar is slated to open, share and discuss a wide range of strategic and conceptual innovations and infrastructure issues.

Issues directly related to Sri Lanka’s post-conflict development, in the context of both regional and global scenario, is to be addressed by scholars, administrators, military leaders and renowned experts.

Guest speakers from the UK, US, India, Pakistan and senior local officials are expected to attend the seminar.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa the defence ministry secretary will deliver the keynote address during the inaugural sessions.

Some 24 representatives from 14 countries have already confirmed participation in the deliberations. (PTI)