Spizee hits the market

Spizee is a new brand of spices to hit the market. This initiative, launched by PDC Holdings looks to give the consumers the very best. Importing ingredients from the spice capital of the world: India, Spizee is produced to seal in the essence of the ingredient while manufacturing.

Mr. Iftikar Zaruk, Director of Spizee Foods explains: “All our raw materials pass through a stringent quality control process, so that only the best is used in manufacturing. All Spizee products are lab tested through The Industrial Technology Institute to ensure and guarantee hygienic, healthy and quality products”

The Spizee product range which includes Chili, Crushed Chili, Turmeric, coriander, Garam Masala, Pepper and Roasted and Unroasted Curry Powder will be available within the coming week. It has already become a favourite amongst many leading super markets including Laugf SunUps, Royal Mall, Premasiri Super Markets and Family Super.

Mr Zaruk stated that consumers are most welcome to visit their factory in Thalawathugoda, and purchase items from the factory outlet. When taking bulk orders into consideration the buyers have the option of having the spices ground and packed to suit their own requirement, with pack sizes varying from 500g to 5kg.

Spizee is no stranger to the hospitality industry as they have already begun supplying to a number of leading hotels, restaurants, sports and recreational clubs in Colombo. Mr. Zaruk stated that they hope to break into the export market. With Maldives, Australia and UK as the main targets, Spizee will cater to Hotel and Resorts mainly while also keeping in mind the locals residing in foreign countries.

For the moment Spizee Foods will be launching the six main spices but Mr. Zaruk teased that a new product can be expected within another two months, though no more details were revealed.