Ex cadres can enter local councils

Defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says rehabilitated former LTTE cadres will have a chance to contest for the local councils in future.

The Defence Ministry quoted Rajapaksa as saying an opportunity will also be given to north and east youth and also ex-cadres during enlistment to man new police stations which are being established.

“Not only former senior ex-LTTE leaders who are involved in national and provincial level politics but there is chance for others to involve in local councils in the future,” he said.

The Defence Secretary stated that all road blocks and check points had now been removed and people are free to travel anywhere in the country without restrictions .

However he added that as a measure of national security only a part of the Palaly Camp is maintained at present and the government had taken measures to remove the surrounding 17 grama seva areas.

“A small faction of the international media with vested interest is involved in slandering Sri Lanka with false allegations and carrying on the separatist agenda. The international community should be made aware of the peaceful and prosperous state of the minority community of Sri Lanka,” the Defence Secretary was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile the Defence Ministry also quoted Chief of National Intelligence Major General (Rtd) HKG Hendevitharana and Colonel TS Salley as saying that a section of the Tamil Diaspora is carrying out propaganda to mislead the international community.