Child abducted and released

An eight year old child was abducted from school and later released in Katupotha last night, the police media unit said today.

The girl had gone to school last morning as usual but in the afternoon when her father had gone to pick her up she was missing.

Her school friends had later said that she was seen getting on a motorbike with a man dressed in a security uniform.

The child was believed to have been later put in a van and taken to an unknown location.

While police investigations were underway the child was dropped off by the abductors at the Katupotha junction.

The suspect was later arrested and the van used in the abduction was also seized, the police media unit said.

Investigations revealed that the abductors had attempted to obtain a Rs. 2.5 million ransom from the father of the child.

The suspect is to be produced before the Wariyapola Magistrate today.