Karu calls on opposition to unite

UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya has called on the opposition to shed all differences and unite to defeat the executive presidential system.

In a statement released today Jayasuriya said that the executive presidency has rendered parliament, the highest democratic institution in the land, redundant.

He says laws are now being made and imagined at will and there is a state of terror that pervades all aspects of life in Sri Lanka, despite the defeat of the LTTE.

“The intimidation of the press, the harassment of political detractors and the impunity with which the regime conducts itself can all be traced directly back to the tragic flaws of our presidential system which affords absolute power,” Jayasuriya said in his statement..

Jayasuriya said noted that every aspect of life, whether it is judicial independence, the rule of law, media freedom or the economy is shaped and determined by the will of one all powerful man.

“Until one individual can no longer lay claim to such absolute power, none of these issues can be put right and Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans will continue to suffer the insane policies derived by its all powerful rulers for their benefit and theirs alone,” he said.

He said the time is right therefore to call upon his fellow members of the opposition to unite in shedding differences, letting go of old wars and seemingly insurmountably diverse ideologies, in order to unite and emerge stronger than ever against a common enemy.