Alternative Sunday 05 is here

“There was never an international band, without a local one”

And that’s the one quote we’ve had in mind since the inception of Alternative Sundays, a series that began back in February this year.

Four rounds down and we’re on the 5th one..we’re trying to make Alternative Sunday not only a gig that gives Artist/s a platform to perform but we wanna make it all about them, give them more than the usual spotlight of 20 odd minutes and some press coverage..our goal is to help propel talented musicians be it from the old or new school into that place where they can be appreciated whole heartedly by an audience that actually pays attention to the music, July 1st will be another Epic One! – Red And BP Of Alternative Sunday

Keeping it Sonically refreshing, this time around we feature not only names from the new skool but also the old one!


The Sherifs

Dubstep /Dance Punk






The Brass Monkey Band

Tripped Out/Rock N Roll

Prazana and Friends (Ex Cancer)

Rock N Roll

Rocky Road


Jude Perera


Vocal Enigma

Alternative Sunday 05, 1st of July at FUZE, 6.30 p.m. onwards

Tickets only Rs.500 available at the gate..for more info call 0770-518-126 or 0773-897-187 or go to