Monks go berserk at expressway

A Buddhist monk has been captured on amateur video going berserk at the entrance to the Southern Expressway recently after being refused entry as a tail light of the vehicle was damaged. (See video below)

Police sources told the Colombo Gazette that the monk arrived at the entry point to the Southern Expressway in a vehicle driven by a driver.

When the monk had been refused entry as a tail light of the vehicle was damaged the monk got into a heated argument with the traffic policeman at the entrance.

The monk is seen in the video getting out of the vehicle and hitting the entry gate with his leg and then abusing the officers manning the post.

After a few minutes a few other monks and their supporters arrive at the scene and engage in a heated exchange of words with the police and other officers at the entry point.

In an audio clip of the heated exchange obtained separately by the Colombo Gazette from an officer at the entry point of the southern expressway, the monks and their supporters are heard abusing the policemen using raw language.

The exchange of words lasted for several minutes before the monks left the area with their supporters.   (Colombo Gazette)