Fonseka says will not join the government

Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka has scotched rumors that he might join the government, his family members said.

According to his family there have been rumors circulating over the past few days saying that he might offer support to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

However Fonseka was quoted as saying there is no truth in such claims and that he will not support anyone who commits injustice to the nation.

“Over the past few days, some of you might have come across rumors that are currently circulating that General Sarath Fonseka may join the Rajapakse government. These are nothing but false rumors, and the General has no intention of doing this. These rumors are being spread by certain people and media outlets to destroy the faith and trust held by General Fonseka’s supporters. Please do not fall in to these traps. General Fonseka will always stand against injustice and will never join those who commit them,” Fonseka’s family said in a statement.

Fonseka was freed from prison recently following extensive talks held between the President and parliamentarian Tiran Alles.

Following his release Fonseka indicated he will resume his political career. (Colombo Gazette)