Uni girls sexually molested

The High Education Ministry is investigating reports that four female students were sexually molested at a local University.

According to reports the four girls, all new entrants to the University, were forced into a dark room and forced to massage some male seniors.

The four girls have reportedly lodged a complaint over the incident with the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The latest incident comes just days after an investigation was launched into a video containing visuals of students being ragged at a university.

There was a huge public outcry after the video was published on the YouTube channel of the Colombo Gazette (see video below) and also on Derana and Swarnavahini.

The video shows new university entrants being humiliated and forced to roll on mud, have paint all over their clothes and faces and later be bathed with water.

Anti-ragging groups said that university ragging has left 15 dead and 25 paralyzed over the past few years while a further 6000 students had left university, 2 committed suicide and 2 were raped. (Colombo Gazette)