New war crimes video a “fairy tale”

The government says a new war crimes video on Sri Lanka allegedly in the possession of the British ‘The Independent’ newspaper is part of a “fairy tale” propaganda.

Presidential spokesman Bandula Jayasekera told the newspaper that the video is an attempt to discredit the government and the security forces.

The Independent said that further evidence has emerged of the brutal treatment of Tamils by Sri Lankan soldiers during the closing stages of the country’s civil war. Video footage obtained by The Independent shows soldiers gloating over a pile of more than 100 Tamil corpses, including dozens of women who have been deliberately stripped of their clothes.

The latest footage was smuggled out of Sri Lanka by a man who used to work at an internet café frequented by soldiers and passed to The Independent, the newspaper said.

The videos reveal how – even after death – Tamils were often treated with contempt by soldiers, The Independent claimed.

“This is a continuation of a famous fairy tale. These videos are an attempt to discredit the government of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka’s forces. These guys are masters of propaganda,” Jayasekera told The Independent.

Vasuki Muruhathas, a London-based solicitor who obtained the video footage from a client, said she believed it was genuine.

The Independent says it has seen 32 videos and 26 photos that appear to have been taken on the same phone.

Most show a pile of corpses, while seven photos show what appear to be captured Tamil Tiger fighters, some of them children, handcuffed inside a bus.