No crime wave says Gota

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today denied claims of a crime wave taking place in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at an event in Matara today (audio below) the Defence Secretary said that the police have also confirmed based on statistics that there has not been an increase in criminal activity in the country.

“There is an attempt to show that there is a crime wave in Sri Lanka. As the Defence Secretary I told the Inspector General of Police to look into this and tell me if there is such a crime wave. He showed me the statistics and according to that there is no crime wave in this country,” Rajapaksa said.

He however said that police reports show that there has been a change in the trend on how crime is committed and the weapons used.

Rajapaksa said that while earlier crimes were mostly committed using poles and knives, now it is committed using a T-56 weapon.

He attributed this mostly to the fact that during the war T-56 weapons were easily accessible even to people in villages for self protection.

The Defence Secretary also accused the media for hyping up some crime related stories in order to sell the newspaper or increase ratings.  (Colombo Gazette)