Deported Lankans questioned at airport

A group of Sri Lankans who were deported from Britain arrived in the country today and were questioned by officials at the airport.

The Sri Lankan Immigration and Emigration department said that 36 Sri Lankans including 28 minority Tamils arrived in the island on a special chartered flight.

All those who arrived on the flight were deported from Britain after their asylum requests were rejected by the British government.

Officials of the UK Border Agency accompanied the Sri Lankans back to the country and handed them over to officers at the airport.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) later recorded statement s from the returnees for several hours and then released them, an official at the airport told Xinhua.

The British media reported on Friday that around 40 others who were also to be deported had their deportations suspended by a British court.

International human rights group Human Rights Watch had said this week said that the United Kingdom should immediately suspend deportations of ethnic Tamil asylum seekers to Sri Lanka and review its policies in assessing these claims.