Get ready for a fun ride

Cycling as a sport has gained significant popularity in recent years in Sri Lanka. For those who ride just for fun or more intensely to compete, a cyclist will tell you that the sheer joy of a good ride is truly exhilarating.

The “Colombo Cycle Fun Ride 25km” scheduled for June 10th at Greenpath is a public cycling event organised by the Pedal Pushers cyclist group. This event is for you, your family and friends, get the chance to experience riding their bikes in a unique atmosphere, by utilizing some of the capitols’ beautiful land marks and green spaces.

If you like to ride, but don’t have a bike…hire one:-) If you have a bike but too lazy to ride, snap out of it!! Don’t miss out on the fun. Just getting the pedal turning and a little shaky!! That’s ok, this is a fun ride.

Can’t ride without crashing…oops!, don’t! Come on over and cheer everyone on. It’s your party too. Don’t bring any presents. In fact well give you a prize for the best fancy dressed cyclist…be creative! And for the best decorated bike…so don’t be shy! All you need is your bike, helmet and lots of smiles and laughter.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride, or your ability, it’s for people of all ages, to ride and have fun, even if you haven’t ridden for ages. Everyone’s invited!

The ‘Fun’ Loop

6km….. kids aged 8 to 11years.must be accompanied by an adult.

12.5km. …Teens 11 to 16.accompanied by adults.

25km……..16+ and adults

The good News :-).The 25km loop is 4 rounds of 6km.You can choose to do as many loops as you like..with a breather in between.

The Parade!!

The city police will escort us on bikes…..nope not cycles! We did hope.

ST John’s Ambulance will follow the parade and give you any assistance, should you need it.

Free ‘SPIRRO’ bottled drinking water will be handed to the participants. Thanks to ‘SPIRRO’ for their priority in keeping you hydrated.

Event t-shirt stickers will be handed to participants. Make sure you get one.

On sight mechanics will be available for minor bike issues.

The cycle after party!

Music and DJ… E fm. There will be a display of bikes for your perusal, entertainment by our very talented; wheely boys’ food and drink.

Roots…to chill your thirst!

Keels ..will feed you. Do bring your purse along 🙂