Tamara to resign as a diplomat

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Geneva Tamara Kunanayakam has decided to step down as a diplomat following her sudden transfer to Cuba.

Kunanayakam told the Asian Tribune website that she will not accept the position of Ambassador either to Cuba or Brazil and is also not interested in continuing as the Head of the Permanent Mission in Geneva.

Kunanayakam also accused the government of changing its foreign policy from the concept of non-alignment.

She also insisted that she had not leaked a letter she had sent to the External Affairs Ministry after she was given the transfer order, to the media.

“I learnt that HE was of the opinion that I was the person who was responsible for leaking that letter,” Kunanayakam said.

“In conclusion I wish to say that I am not interested in continuing with any political appointment and accept any diplomatic postings,” she said.