Rudra to push for Ealam

Former LTTE member and peace negotiator and now self proclaimed ‘Prime Minister’ of the Transnational Government of Tamil Ealam (TGTE), Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, has said that the international community will soon realize a Tamil Ealam state is the only solution to the issue in Sri Lanka.

A TGTE statement quoted Rudrakumaran, who operates from the US, as saying that even the main Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka are engaged in talks with the government, which does not include demands for Ealam, owing to international pressure.

“..the need for an independent Tamil state has only strengthened, not diminished. We realize that the current leadership of our homeland is engaged in certain discussions only because the governments of the world also hold the stance that a solution to the Tamil Question should be reached within an undivided country only. Yet, it is a forgone conclusion that none of these efforts are going to bear any fruit,” he said in the statement.

Rudrakumaran noted that talks between Tamil parties in Sri Lanka and the government have not been able to move even an inch forward.

He seemed to be referring to talks held between the government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which are now at a stalemate.

“The international community might be nursing a hope to effect an attitudinal change in Sinhalam through imposing a regime change in Sri Lanka. However, while it might be possible to address the internal problems of the Sinhala nation or the issues concerning international relations by effecting a regime change, it is unlikely to be of any use in resolving the Tamil Question,” he said.

Rudrakumaran said that the Tamil Diaspora and Tamils in Tamil Nadu must get together to push for a separate state for the Tamils.