Underage girl rescued from Singapore

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) says a young girl has been rescued from Singapore after she was forced into prostitution.

NCPA chairperson Anoma Dissanayaka says the girl had been sent to Singapore with the promise of obtaining employment.

However she was later forced into prostitution and had to serve at least 12 customers a day. She has been rescued and brought to Sri Lanka.

Dissanayaka said that after the girl was rescued information came to light that more and more women and young girls are being sent to Singapore on the promise of obtaining employment with a good salary but are later forced into prostitution.

“We have now asked the Foreign Employment bureau in Sri Lanka to be cautious when sending women to Singapore for employment as some of these women may get involved in prostitution,” Dissanayaka said.

In 2010 the Sri Lankan police busted a racket in Sri Lanka where young girls are sent to Singapore for prostitution. (Colombo Gazette)