No more war in Sri Lanka

There is no chance of another war on Sri Lankan soil, the Ministry of Defence said today in a statement posted on its website.

According to the Ministry of Defence this guarantee has deeply reached the people living in every nook and corner of the country allowing the facilitation of establishing lasting peace and reconciliation between the communities.

“Eradication of terrorism doesn’t itself mean that the long awaited peace has dawned in this country, but certainly has paved the way towards it. There is no doubt that after years of war, the people in this country long for lasting peace. That’s why the people have given a second chance to this government with an unprecedented two third majority to keep the momentum in the drive towards lasting peace and prosperity,” the Ministry of Defence said.

The statement said that Sri Lanka has managed to stand firm and do what is appropriate for the benefit of its countrymen, and the results, so far achieved tell the world that the government didn’t just take a leap in the dark but did everything with a purpose.

“It seems the government has already taken the lead, and is confident enough to continue with its strategies until satisfying the peoples’ desires,” the Defence ministry added. (Colombo Gazette)