Abductors arrested

The police said that they had arrested a group of abductors who had demanded ransom for the release of a woman and her child in Udugama.

A 28 year old woman and her child were abducted on May 19 from their residence after the abductors broke into the house.

The woman and the child were taken away in a van by the abductors who had later demanded Rs, 500,000 as ransom.

Both the woman and the child were found the very next day, the police media unit said today.

The police said that four suspects were arrested over the incident and a hand grenade was also recovered.

Meanwhile in a separate incident the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) arrested three suspects in Mawanela over an attempt to abduct a person and obtain ransom.

The police said that the suspects had attempted to obtain Rs.  2,500,000 as ransom.