Fonseka to fight corrupt politicians

Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka says he will keep his promise to free the country from corrupt politicians.

Speaking to reporters after reaching his home in Thalawathugoda this evening, Fonseka also said he was in debt to the politicians who stood by him while he was in prison and to the public who demanded his release.

“We are not scared to face anything even in the future. Like I said before our strength cannot be suppressed by putting us in prison. We will commit ourselves to free the country from corrupt politicians like we freed the country from terrorism,” he said.

Fonseka was reunited with his wife and daughters at his home this evening after a slow drive from the Welikada prison.

On the way home Fonseka greeted his supporters and also met his family and they were later placed on the vehicle with him to greet his well wishers.

At home Fonseka was shown on TV greeting his pets and then sitting down for a cup of tea before speaking to reporters.