Ryan celebrates 10 years scratching discs

A neighborhood cricket match in Kelaniya 10 years ago altered the future of Ryan Tennekoon, in a way even he never expected.

Ryan was playing cricket with his friends and during the game he had to find the ball which was knocked out of the park.

The ball landed at the foot of the man who would later go on to introduce and foster Ryan’s passion for mixing music.

With the help and under the guidance of his mentor Ryan began Dj’ing for street promotions and various other events but the stepping stone for his solo career came when he took on an open air gig at Excel World in 2003 for the opening of Snow City.

From then he went onto DJ for his alma mater at the Josephian Walk 2004 where he was given his very own disco stall.

It was then nowhere but up for Ryan and in 2009 he rubbed shoulders with DJ celebrities including Dj’s Brian, Nishan Lee and Van Luup while spinning tracks at his first club event, Rebirth at Club Cacoon  in August 2009.

The year 2010 proved to be an even greater year for Ryan as he was featured in a number of popular events such as Kiss fm’s Martina Kaiser tour of Sri Lanka, Freaky Friday,  Chunky Choc Street Party, We All Scream For Ice Cream – a collaborated event by Events Colombo and Virgin Colombo- and Gateway’s Glitterati. In addition Ryan always made time for private events such as birthdays and weddings.

This year Dj Ryan will be marking 10 years in the industry as he launches his very own website ( www.pro-djryan.com).

With a repertoire of English, Sinhala, Tamil and Hindi tracks Ryan caters to all musical needs. May it be 80’s, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, House, Techno, Baila or just love songs you’re in the mood for: he’s got it all.

Reminiscing over the past decade Ryan felt a heartfelt thank you should be offered to many people who have supported him but mainly “my parents for giving me a helping hand right from the start , my wife who trusted and supported me in my honest work , and also the supportive friends and  crowd from the beginning  to present.”

“10 years of being a Disc jockey has not only been a part of my life, but also an art which has inspired me to develop my own creation of music mixing styles”.

It has been an amazing journey for Ryan and to think it all started with a neighborhood cricket match.

(Report by Dinesha Senaratne for Colombo Gazette)