Alternative Sunday 04 at Fuze

Three rounds of Alternative Sunday down, with how many more to go you may ask?

 “As long as there is talent and support, we will continually strive to give home musicians regardless of their genres more than just a chunk of stage time, after all it’s more than just an event, it’s part of a big LIVE music culture that’s on the rise. Testament ? It’s all over social media, the press, the streets and everyone who digs honest LIVE music will talk if you let em to,” Red and B.P founders of Alternative Sunday said.

Round 04 features a diverse range of musicians


Hollow, Cynosure, Maria Soysa And Kei Watanabe (Ukulele)


Not Another Metal Band


Eats, Shoots And Leaves

Rock N Roll

Helter Skelter


Jude Perera Of YES Superstar Fame 

And for the first time an RnB Artist of international status

Dawn Jay

It all goes down on the 27th of May, 6.30 p.m. onwards at Fuze

If you want tickets early, it will be available at Chanel Media from the 15th onwards.

Call 0770-518-126 Or  0773-897-187

“There Is No International Band, Without A Local Band!”

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