Largest haul of C4 explosives found

The police say they have found the largest haul of C4 explosives from an LTTE bunker in Pudukuduirippu earlier tonight.

The explosives weighing over 6000 kilos is the largest haul of C4 explosives to have been recovered following the end of the 30 year war between the military and the LTTE.

A special statement by the police said that the explosives were found by a police team deployed from Colombo this evening.

The explosives were hidden in a bunker deep in the jungles of Pudukuduirippu, an area in the north which was captured by the army in February 2009.

The police believe the explosives were to be used by the LTTE to carry out an attack during the war.

The police meanwhile said that during a search operation in other parts of the north today, LTTE gas masks, grenades, anti-tank bombs and other explosives material were also found.

Incidentally the recovery comes just days before the military celebrates three years since the defeat of the LTTE.   (Colombo Gazette)