Villagers maintain suspicion on STF

Villagers in Villachiya, Anuradhapura maintain that they feel some police Special Task Force (STF) members had attempted to dig for treasure in the area despite the police saying otherwise, reporters in the area told the Colombo Gazette.

A police statement said that the villagers had been misled to reach the conclusion that the STF officers were digging for treasure.

This led to a clash between the villagers and the STF personnel early this morning before the police intervened to bring the situation under control.

Police media spokesman Ajith Rohana, in a statement this afternoon, said that the situation was now calm.

He said that the STF members had visited the site after receiving information that some treasure hunters were attempting to dig for treasure at the location.

However when the STF personnel reached the location the treasure hunters had escaped. The STF then used a backhoe to look for the hidden treasure.

Villagers in the area on assuming that the STF members were hunting for treasure, attacked them using stones.

Despite the statement released by the police spokesman, several villagers in the area maintain that there was some suspicion in the behavior of the STF members. (Colombo Gazette)