MR warns of conspiracy

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today warned of a conspiracy to use the working class against the country for political gain.

In his May Day message the President said that he believes that the best tribute Sri Lanka can pay on International Workers’ Day to the former leaders of the working people and the sweat and tears of the workers is to ensure the prosperity of the people and the country.

“We see the continued emergence of diverse conspiracies to drag the working people and country to the depths of destruction. I am confident that, as in the past, the working people of today too, would defeat all such conspiracies based on narrow political aims and opportunist self interest, to strengthen and protect their unity and rights,” the President said.

The President also noted that Sri Lanka has seen to the dawn of a time when the people of the North and East, who were denied even the right to life during three decades of terrorism, today enjoy the right to celebrate May Day in freedom.

“It is the responsibility of our day to ensure that the working people of Sri Lanka are not divided regionally whether northern, southern or eastern, but come together for the country, under the single National Flag of unity,” he said.

President Rajapaksa said his wish is that the support hitherto extended to the Government by the working people would continue to be given to overcome the challenges before the country in achieving development and protecting national unity.