UN official did not accuse military

The Defence Ministry says a UNDP demining expert had not accused the military of using cluster bombs during the war against the LTTE.

A press statement by the Media Center for National Security (MCNS) said that allegations that have leveled against the Sri Lankan security forces claiming that they used cluster munitions during the Humanitarian Operations as baseless and not factual.

MCNS said the allegation was a repetition of similar allegations that were made earlier on several occasions and is not based on any facts.

“The UNDP official quoted in the news report has confirmed that his email to superior officials in the UN Headquarters, which was quoted by the media, was only meant to explore the possibility of obtaining further assistance for Mine Action Program in Sri Lanka and that he made no reference to alleged use of cluster munitions by the Sri Lankan Forces,” MCNS added.

MCNS says neither ‘Cluster Munitions’ nor illegal weaponry were used by the military during the war and the Sri Lankan Armed Forces used only carefully planned precise military actions in the humanitarian endeavor.


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