IDPs to be forced on new land

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) claims the government is attempting to relocate the remaining war displaced people in Vavuniya on some 40 perch land in Thimbili, Mullaitivu in order to meet an assurance given to an Indian delegation that the remaining displaced people will be resettled by June this year.

JVP MP Vijitha Herath told reporters today that when the Indian delegation led by Indian opposition leader Sushma Suwaraj visited the IDP camp in Vavuniya last week some 6000 people remaining in the camp had pleaded for their immediate resettlement on their original lands.

“This is not their original land. These people are mostly fishermen. How can they do fishing by being relocated in Thimbili. Their relatives and their place of employment is where they were originally settled,” the JVP said.

The JVP also accused the government of grabbing land over claims it is for security purposes.

Herath says the JVP is not for the full withdrawal of the army from the north but stressed that lands which belong to the people of the area should remain with them and not the army.

The JVP also accused the government of staging a drama by telling India it will implement the 13th Amendment but later telling the local media it will not do so.

The JVP MP said that while President Mahinda Rajapaksa had told a visiting Indian delegation that he will go beyond the 13th Amendment and implement 13 plus as a solution to the ethnic issue, his media spokesman Bandula Jayasekera has said that no such assurance was given.

“We are playing with the national issue. This is very serious and the repercussions will be even more serious,” the JVP said.

The JVP reiterated calls for a truth and reconciliation commission to address the core issues of the national issue. (Colombo Gazette)