Dambulla mosque opens amidst tensions

A mosque in Dambulla which was sealed on Friday following protests by several Buddhist monks and several protestors, has been reopened following the intervention of some Muslim government Ministers.

Ministers A.H.M Fowzie and Rishard Baduhudeen visited the mosque yesterday and had it reopened and later assured the Muslims in the area that the situation will be resolved peacefully.

A group of angry monks stormed the mosque after Friday prayers last week and demanded that it be removed by tomorrow.

The protest was led by a chief priest of a Buddhist Temple in the area who is already facing allegations of bringing disgrace to the robe.

The monks said that the mosque and other non Buddhist religious centers cannot function in the area as it has been declared a Buddhist sacred area.

Local television also showed some monks making fun at the mosque, acting in an unruly manner and even threatening the authorities saying if the mosque is not removed by tomorrow then they will remove it by force.

They also warned the police against intervening in the event the monks and protestors are forced to remove the mosque by force. (Colombo Gazette)


Video shows the monk who led the protest against the mosque responding to allegations against him.