The Indian opposition Bharatiya Janatat Party (BJP) has criticized the AIADMK and DMK for for pulling out its representatives from the multi-party delegation visiting Sri Lanka to assess progress of rehabilitation of Tamils, saying it would make it “less powerful” and criticised UPA government for failing to convince the two parties, including its key ally DMK, not to do so.

BJP national secretary Muralidhar Rao was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying their absence definitely makes the delegation less powerful.

“The two parties (AIADMK and DMK) represent the large number of people in the state. If they had participated, the delegation would have been more fulfilling and more complete,” he said.

Led by Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, the delegation left for Sri Lanka on Monday on a six day visit to oversee developmental projects by India and handing over of houses in areas worst affected by the decades-old civil war.

Rao said the government has ‘failed’ to convince the political leadership in Tamil Nadu of its real intention and the real efforts in engaging Sri Lankan Government.

“As a neighbouring country and as a country which has got extended interests in the security context of Sri Lanka, we have to go, we have to convince and we have to impress on the Sri Lanka government,” he said.