Seven suspended over museum theft

The National Heritage Ministry has suspended seven employees over the recent theft at the national museum in Colombo.

Secretary to the Ministry Kanthi Wijeytunga said that the seven include members of the security division of the museum which operates under the Ministry.

Wijeytunga said that the security staff had not carried out their duties properly and that’s why they have been suspended.

She says the police are investigating the incident. She also said that a committee appointed to investigate the incident will submit a report to the Ministry this week.

Meanwhile she also said that the section of the museum which remained closed following the theft will re-open on the 25th of this month.

Wijeytunga said that security cameras will be installed all around the museum before the closed section is open to the public.

The burglars had stolen gold plated short swords, gold coins, silver coins, bejeweled gold ring, gem-encrusted walking stick, gold waist belt and a silver sword from the museum.

The Police Headquarters has offered a cash reward of Rs. 1 million for correct information on the theft.


(Report by Indika Sri Aravinda)