Lankan doctor accused of abuse

A nurse at a Singapore hospital who was allegedly molested by a foreign doctor from Sri Lanka, was reportedly ‘advised’ by the hospital not to lodge a police report against the culprit, according to an informant who wishes to remain anonymous.

A resident physician from Sri Lanka who works in the hospital’s Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care department was accused of touching the buttocks of a nurse in an operating theatre earlier this month.

When contacted by the media, a Changi General Hospital (CGH) spokesperson confirmed the incident.

‘This is a very serious matter….The hospital expects the highest level of conduct from our staff at all times. We are investigating the allegation and the staff has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,” she said.

However, according to information we received, CGH initially wanted to cover up the matter quietly to avoid adverse media publicity two weeks after another of its foreign doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen found himself in the headlines after being charged for flashing his genitals to a NUS student cross-dressed in the female uniform of Victoria Junior College.

Though the nurse who was molested filed a complaint to the higher authorities in CGH, no disciplinary action was taken against the errant doctor until the news was leaked to the media which reported on it last week.

“The doctor was still working in CGH. He was only suspended when the media approached the hospital for an interview. By the way, he is not a resident physician, but a trainee in the SICU,” our informant said.

There are large number of foreign doctors working in CGH which seems to favor them over local doctors because of their lower salaries and supposedly wider experience as most of them are already working as ‘specialists’ in their homelands.

Last year, Indian national Thiyagarajan Mathimaran, 33, a doctor at CGH’s urology department at that time, was charged with molesting a 42-year-old woman in the hospital’s toilet. He was later cleared of the charge after he paid $5,000 to the woman he allegedly molested and was allowed to continue working as a doctor in CGH.

“The victim now doesn’t want to pursue the matter anymore as she is afraid to upset the hospital which may affect her chances in promotion in the future. This is not the first incident and there are many more which are covered up. I don’t know why CGH gives so much protection to foreign doctors while neglecting the interests of its female staff,” she added. (Courtesy Asia One)