Manmohan monitoring rehabilitation

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sing is closely monitoring the rehabilitation program of war displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka, an Indian Minister said today.

The Press Trust of India quoted Minister of State V Narayanasamy as saying the Indian government was “committed” to the rehabilitation of internally displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka.

He recalled that India had announced a Rs 2500 crore package for various projects, including construction of houses for the displaced Tamils.

“The Prime Minister is closely monitoring the rehabilitation programmes”, he said.

Meanwhile he also said that power production from the first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project would commence in two months as 99 per cent of its work was over.

There were reports earlier that Sri Lankan was concerned over the nuclear power project as any damage to the nuclear site located in Tamil Nadu could have repercussions on Sri Lanka.

Narayanasamy said that 1000 MW of power could be produced from the first unit of the power project, which will be ready for commissioning in two months.


  1. India is not trustworthy Neighbour in south east Asia . It is backing terrorist organisations for its benefit. India should give comphensation for damages it has done in the past. Anyway, India has no future in this region.It is still western colony.

  2. Although Sri Lanka public acknowledges with thanks, the Inian participation in the rehabttion work in the North and East, necessitated by the devastation committed by the murderous Tamil LTTE ,who were ceated,nutured,armedtrained and financed by Indai. Therefore it is India’s bounden duty fathoming very ethic standads to rstorre the damage done by the LTTE, to whom still India continues to coverty and overlt support.We do not appreciate the “closely monitoring” part of Inia, as if it would overpa its mandate and intefer in th intenal affiars of our Country.The next point atissue is how jenuieis India’s motive of helpin Sri Lanka, when their so called rehailition project are all “North and Tamil” centric.The Indian made LTTE commitd vast devastation in the South and even displace the tationally Sout occupied Sri Lanka Muslims, who also a part of our Sri Lanka community as our own Tamils.If Mr. Manmohan Sing pays attention to helping
    the Srilanka in common irrespecive of ethnic and Tamil dominted res, his gesture is vaastly appreciated.

  3. Did the Indian Prime Minister said that or is it the version of The Press Trust of India for I cannot believe it. On the ground we all know what is happening. The high security zones are being secured. The people are not allowed to go back to their homes. Emergency Regulations,although lefted, still prevail in another form .

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