Alternative Sunday round three

For those of you who enjoyed the heavy music at Alternative Sunday and Alternative Sunday part two, now get ready for Alternative Sunday round three.

Alternative Sunday round three will be held at Fuze on April 22 and it promises to be even better than the first two installments.

Round three will see Maria Soysa and Kei Watanabe performing some acoustic and deviant music while Helter Skelter will dish out Rock N Roll.

Then there is Nemesis to give all you Hard Rock fans something to bang your head on and  Whiteline with some Goth Metal. Duckdog will add spice to the explosive Sunday with LIVE Dubstep.

So don’t miss out on Alternative Sunday at everyone’s favorite watering hole, Fuze, on April 22 form 6.30 p.m. onwards.

Early bird tickets will be out on Wednesday at Chanel Media (Opposite Royal Institute Havelock Road, 2nd Floor of the Queens Décor building) Call 0770-518-126 for details.