President calls for unity during New Year

President Mahinda Rajapaksa called for national unity as the country celebrated the traditional New Year.

President Rajapaksa in a statement said that the traditional New Year becomes more meaningful through the embellishment of friendship and unity.

”It is best if every step is taken to build good relations and cooperation with each other during this season of festivity. The observance of the many important traditions associated with the New Year strengthens great unity and understanding between family and village. Such unity is a great encouragement to solidarity for national prosperity. As the country moves towards prosperity, the observances of these traditions by all at the auspicious hours would bring great blessings,” Rajapaksa said in his New Year message.

Sri Lanka is celebrating the New Year just a month before it also celebrates three years since the end of a bitter war between the military and Tamil Tiger rebels.

The rebels fought for 30 years for an independent Tamil homeland in the Tamil dominated north and east of the country.

However with the defeat of the rebels in May 2009 the Sri Lankan government faced allegations of committing human rights abuses in its attempt to bring a quick end to the conflict.

Acting media minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena in a statement today said that Sri Lanka continues to face obstacles as it looks to achieve “economic victories” three years after defeating the rebels.

He called on the public to unite and march forward with one objective as it celebrates the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year include a host of festivities at auspicious times which will continue till Monday.


  1. I know every true sri lankan frustated the behaviour of Rajapaksa Bros and Regime.
    Still why is the world is so quiet because we dont have any oil.
    Is it true??
    First GOSL displaced all the tamils all over the world then killed, kidnapped and disappeared more than 300,000,000 civilians and now start doing the samething to Sinhalese whoever opposed Rajapaksa Regime.
    Why no one interested to rescue all true sri lankan citizen??
    Do you want another Prabha or Rohana????????????? to destroy Rajapaksa regime.
    Why something can happend like Saddam and Gaddafi????
    We will be very happy to get rid of this regime

  2. May your happiness increase like the price of fuels.
    Your worries disappear like the Grease Yakkas.
    Your enemies punished like our legitimate president Sarath Fonseka.
    You will be protected and well look after at government expense like underworld
    drug distributorDumindha Silva..
    You will be highly qualified in an instant like our play boy Namal RAJAPAKSHA.
    Your wealth and property increase by force and thuggery like the Rajapaksha brothers.
    May your life will be never ending like the current presidency
    .May you always be victorious like the Rajapaksha family .
    Happy new year in true democtratic Sri Lanka.

  3. If Sri Lankans want unity under one rule
    1) Finish Rajapaksa regime and family
    2) Bring New young leader with forward thinking like western countries
    3)100% Freedam of speech
    4)No more decrimination between the communities – equal rights

    Srilanka becomes Singapore soon
    Are We going to do it???
    Young Guns ——- You can do it Boys!!!!!
    Is not far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Sir,Fist stop,White Van Abductions,Kidnapping,Killing,Corruptions,Political Appointments, Threatening Media Personal….then country will unite…otherwise no unity only Uganda, Nigerien model is reaming and will be KINGDOM OF CORRUPTIONS / KINGDOM OF CRIME

  5. Our President??????????????????
    Talk something
    Do opposite
    He is useless only good for his family

  6. Unity and support comes to you naturally, when you doing a good job! Unity and support goes away when culprits are on your lap, when your part is slow, when you silent on injustice, when corruption not stopped, when administration is poor. Dont try to gain cheap popularity, be firm with any one who does wrong doing and take actions against them ! Then people trust you and support for unity!

  7. Dear president!
    You are speaking of unity when government sponsored abductions are taking place in the country. We supported you in the fight against the Tigers. What have you done to the Tamil people?They are still languishing in camps and unhealthy accomodations.Why didn’t you allow them to go back to their lands.Why do you want 60,000 army personnel in the north?How can the people live in peace? Implement the LLRC recommendations soon.

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