Operation to catch man eating crocs

The wildlife department today launched an operation to catch man eating crocodiles in rivers close to villages.

According to the wildlife department, river banks in parts of the country where crocodiles are known to live were carefully searched during the operation and dangerous crocodiles which are captured will be transferred to a central location.

Meanwhile the Minister in charge of wildlife S.M Chandrasena said that they were also looking for a crocodile which had attacked and killed a young woman near the Nilwala River (Nilwala Ganga) last week.

Chandrasena told reporters that the government has decided to open two crocodile conservation parks where the crocodiles which are captured will eventually be kept.

A young woman was killed last week when she went to have a wash near the river.

The woman was dragged into the river by a crocodile and her body was later found, the authorities had said. However the killer crocodile was not found.

Another woman had also been killed in the same river and officials believe she was killed by the same crocodile which carried out the second attack.

Earlier this year a man was killed by a crocodile in Ragama.

Villagers however captured the crocodile by feeding it chickens embedded with hooks. The crocodile however died while it was being transferred to the National Zoo.

The police said that at least 20 people have been killed by crocodiles within the last 10 years in Sri Lanka.