Plain clothed cops in buses

Plain clothed policemen will be deployed in passenger buses during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year to make sure drivers follow the road rules, the police media unit said today.

The plain clothed policemen will travel as ordinary passengers and purchase tickets when travelling in the bus.

According to the police there have been complaints from passengers that bus operators often violate road rules when driving during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year as there is less traffic and very few traffic policemen on the road.

The plain clothed policemen will also take measures to protect passengers who may fall victim to thugs and pick-pockets in the bus.

The police media unit said that these officers will be mostly deployed in buses leaving Colombo this week and buses returning to Colombo next week.

When carrying out arrests the plain clothed policemen will have to show their identification cards, the police media unit added. (Colombo Gazette)