Police complaint against Rosy

A police complaint has been lodged against UNP MP Rosy Senanayake claiming that she is staying in a rented house by force.

The landlords have said that the former Mrs. World had taken the luxury house in Rajagiriya on rent in March 2010 but was to leave the house by December last year.

However she continued to remain in the house till January this year and paid her due rent accordingly as well.

The landlords however have said that since January this year the UNP MP failed to pay the rent nor is she willing to leave.

In the complaint lodged with the Welikada police the landlords have said that the UNP MP is refusing to leave till she completes the construction of her new house.

She has also said that as a parliament member her situation should be seen differently by the landlords.

Following the police complaint the UNP appeared before the police last week.

When Colombo Gazette contacted the landlord S. Wickremesinghe she said that the house belongs to her sister.

Wickremesinghe said that they wanted the house back as the sister was returning to the country last month.

However as Mrs. Senanayake had refused to return the house, the landlord’s sister and her family moved into a hotel after arriving in the country as scheduled last month.

They have now informed Mrs. Senanayake, through a lawyer, to vacate the house immediately. (Colombo Gazette)


(Report by Indika Sri Aravinda)



    My familiarity in a comparable situation was that the court required the housing commissioner to find a suitable house for the tenant Ms. Mallagoda Banduthilaka, for him to vacate the property he so occupied. The tenant was an influential worker of the ruling government. The tenant was requested to leave the house since the owner required to occupy it. The tenant failed to pay the rent for 12 months. The matter was refereed to the local police. Police said they have no jurisdiction over the matter. Legal action for eviction was instituted to obtaining a court decree and Senior counsel Ms.A K Premadasa represented the petitioner. Learned Judge declared that he may enter decree nisi yet same would not become absolute until the Commissioner of Housing confirmed that the tenet is now provided with suitable dwelling. (Gunetilake Vs Mallagoda Banduthilaka).

  2. Oh Rosy… This is how your democracy works even before you come to power which is a good indication of how it will be later.

  3. Perfect example of SriLankan politics Whoever the individual is they are that mean brainless beings in the business.

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