Lanka concerned over Indian nuclear plants

Sri Lanka has raised concerns over nuclear power plants located in South India.

The minister of power and energy Champika Ranawaka told reporters that the issue will be raised at the next International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confab scheduled for September.

He said Sri Lankan is concerned over impact a nuclear disaster in one of the plants located in southern India could have on Sri Lanka.

Both Sri Lanka and Southern India are divided by a narrow strip of sea.

Ranawaka told reporters that his ministry has already raised the issue with India and called for talks on reaching a disaster mitigating process in the event of a disaster in one of the nuclear plants on the South Indian coast.

He said that Sri Lanka is seeking an agreement with India on nuclear disaster management and the Indians have responded positively.

In the event of a nuclear disaster in India the Sri Lankan authorities feel the northern town of Mannar will be the hardest hit.

Ranawaka said that his ministry is currently conducting a survey of the coast of Mannar as well as Jaffna also in the north to identify the areas to conduct radiation tests.

Sri Lanka wants to be prepared for a nuclear disaster following the incidents in Japan last year where a nuclear plant was damaged as a result of an earthquake.