Hillary will not meet the TNA

The U.S Embassy in Colombo says U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has no plans to meet with the Tamil National Alliance next month.

According to the Embassy the only scheduled meeting she has is with External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris on May 18 as was previously announced.

“Recent media reports incorrectly state that Secretary Clinton has invited the TNA to visit Washington.  The Secretary invited Minister GL Peiris to Washington on May 18 and welcomes that visit. While the United States seeks to engage with all political parties in Sri Lanka, there is no visit scheduled for the TNA, either before or after that meeting,” the U.S Embassy in Colombo said.


  1. American Embassy stafF is double standard Mr. Robet O’ bleck told to srilanka report’s If any country submit motion oppos to Srilanka in UNO session they will support to motion but USA submit the motion USA played naked game in UNO.

  2. Srilanka journalist’s demonstrating for prteact the media. They have to do there duty first very honestly, Srilanka media business companye’s disatribting false information to the people most of journalist disqualify for the job consequence is people mislead them self BCC. CNN and the international media providing larg propaganda for the Srilanka media freedam its funny. Srilanka poor journalist under pressure of media business owner’s

  3. Sovereignty means responsibility on the part of those in power to protect civilians. And a substantive step was taken in the UN about the primacy of civilian rights, including the responsibility of the International Community(IC) to protect these rights, when under threat from madmen or dictators.

    The Government of Sri Lanka(GOSL) took part in debates in the UN on civilian rights and sovereignty norms. And in 2005. the world leaders, including SL, accepted the principle against sovereignty norm in the form of Responsibilty to Protect(RtoP).

    But in SL, human beings, if Tamils, matter less than sovereignty. SL shows fallacious commitment to international normative framework.

    Also, for the past 40 years, the issues in Tamil Eelam has deteriorated into war crimes and genocide. Accountability is refused for these crimes against humanity and justice is denied. SL is a bad example to the world and this “rotten apple” is producing rotten countries like Syria.

    Peaceful humanity is a key goal of any responsible foreign policy and it cannot be achieved when any country is silent as another in the UN violates the rights of civilians under the cover of territorial integrity.

    Therefore, the IC had a responsibilty to protect Tamil civilians and their rights in SL. Furthermore, for the IC human beings matter more than historical friendships with countries.

    For these reasons, the IC voted for the resolution and passed it at UNHRC . An excellent precedent against regimes of oppressive madmen and dictators.

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